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Flying Bird


Quality over quantity. Always. With words. With clothing (as much as I do love clothing). With everything really. And friends especially.

  • Strong identity. Strong moral compass. Strong family values. Strong core (thanks M&D xo). Weak muscles though...we're working on that...

  • Always honors classes. Never turned in my homework. Rich learning (?). Poor grades. Did I mention I was a terrible test taker?

  • Music obsessed. I am always curating new playlists in Spotify. I'm the one who asks the coffee shop what song is playing so I can look it up.

  • Proud "Orch dork" from third through twelfth grade. Still a nerd, just no longer in an orchestra. I should take my violin out from under the bed though...

  • No try-outs? No Problem! Joined the middle school track team. Hurdles were my specialty. So was finishing last.

  • Ironic that as an editor, Babysitters Club was the only recreational reading I did as a kid. I've come a long way and now read real books and have joined the [hiring-the-]Babysitters Club. Fun fact: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was a fave. 

  • Camper4life. Once a camper always a camper. It's a mentality. Camping over glamping any day. 

  • Grammar fanatic. I'm that person who notices mistakes in books and in Instagram posts. And lately on restaurant menus. I'm still shocked to find them every single time.


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