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Graffiti Eyes



Who knew one could build a business around unsolicited advice? Or channel an impulse so productively?


I've been called critical, nitpicky, painstakingly meticulous. Way too many times to count. But I've also been thanked for it. I've honed the skill of delivering feedback so that the person on the receiving end not only isn't offended, but is actually grateful I ever said anything.


I finally assigned a name to all of the informal, unofficial, and valuable editing, consulting, and styling and it's called Styled.byAlliB: Editor, Consultant, Fashion Stylist. With A Good Eye. 


It's my good eye that edits writing for grammar, content, flow, and style; advises business on blueprints for greater efficiency, more sensible restructuring, more compelling marketing, and a well-aligned presentation that is in alignment with the mission and values of the business; that tells a friend not to wear that dress - or put more kindly, how to minimally transform her outfit for maximum results.


Styled.byAlliB: where my good eye really matters to people and is at the heart of my work.

Get Styled.byAlliB today and see for yourself how your writing, business, and wardrobe can be infused with some major style.


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